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Amaletix is currently involved in externally as well as privately funded AI-based analysis projects. Contact us to know more details on these projects and if you have a project or research problem of your own.


Artificial intelligence enabled self-learning data analytics platform to automate metabolomics data analysis in various health conditions in collaboration with one of the best pediatric hospitals in the United States.

Image by Hans Reniers


Development of algorithms for studying the paralinguistic aspects of speech (agnostic of languages and content of speech) i.e., emotion, that get affected by the underlying mental health problems. This multi institutional project involves collaboration with psychiatric hospitals and leading institutes from India and abroad.

Image by CoWomen


Artificial intelligence-based identification of microorganisms in microscopic images to guide a clinician for initial accurate treatment. Funded by one of the best eye hospitals in the country.

Image by Yassine Khalfalli
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